Report: Nintendo has shipped Switch kits with changing hardware

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The announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED was a bittersweet drink for some sectors, but in the end it was a surprise to all because the expectation was to achieve a leap in terms of power that would bridge the gap that had already formed between the hybrid and the new generation of systems. In this sense, the Switch OLED has the same hardware as the standard model, however, the commercial reality may be very different from what happens on the development scene.

Nintendo wants developers to make their games with the Switch OLED display in mind

After the presentation of the Switch OLED, a console betting on this type of display and an increase in resolution to achieve 720p on the laptop, reviews and reports were quick, but while some discussed good or bad for the announcement, more interesting information was generated. according to digital foundry (Across Wccftech), developers interested in putting their games on the Switch have received development kits with more RAM from Nintendo.

In that sense, the information suggests that it’s something Nintendo has done to invite developers to look at the Switch OLED screen for titles they want to publish on the console, and as confirmed, the Switch OLED hardware doesn’t have any change with respect to the standard version and as it points out digital foundryThere is no way for games on the system to know that they are running on the new console.

Hence, Nintendo sent out a Switch OLED development kit codenamed ADEV, which joins the SDEV and EDEV versions, but in this case it has 8GB of RAM, while the two mentioned kits have 6GB and the commercial version we know has 4GB.

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