Schofield: People think Call of Duty is very easy to do

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The scheme of the franchise with annual releases and its huge success in the industry which has not stopped since its launch call of duty modern warfare 2, suggested that there is little or nothing in the creative process for Activision’s IP address and that it’s just a template to which things are added. However, like any video game, it requires effort and years of work, topics recently touched upon by Glenn Schofield, former director of Sledgehammer.

make a file Call of duty It’s not an easy job

During an interview with the magazine edge (Across VGC), Glenn Schofield, a former General Manager of Sledgehammer who is remembered for being one of the leaders Call of Duty: World War II, a project that put the franchise back on the path to success, talked about how hard it is to work on a new part and what happens to make it happen, something some players tend to overlook. At first, Schofield noted: “People today think that a Call of duty It’s, you know, as easy as putting one in the oven and waiting for it to come out. They don’t realize the amount of work involved in making a game Call of duty. There is a lot of research.»

Later, Schofield revealed that during the development process Call of Duty: World War II Deliveries and Sledgehammer were not only about historical and contemporary research, but also about other forms of interaction that required just as much: “You work with experts. I studied World War II for 3 years, and I worked with historians. I spent 8 days in a truck at Europe by going to all the places that would have been in the game. I shot different old guns. All these things you have to do when you work in a game Call of duty. As you know, to become an expert, we work with Navy SEALS and Delta Force personnel to learn tactics and techniques and incorporate them into the game. You had to get acquainted with the special forces of different countries like England, France, Spain, Italy and all that, because they were all in the game. So it was a lot of learning, constantly reading, constantly watching video, working with experts.”

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