State of play: SIFU delays launch until early 2022

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Sony’s Play Status has already started and there are many announcements shared so far, one of them is the new release date of Hope SIFU, which was planned for 2021, however, it has just been confirmed that it will arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5 early next year.

As you surely remember, SIFU is the new title for the independent study Sloclap (responsible for Solve), which introduces us to a new third-person action game that features intense hand-to-hand combat.

Here you can see him in his latest trailer:

How can you notice, SIFU It will put you in the shoes of a young kung fu student on a path full of revenge (and battles), so we are sure it will be a good choice for all PlayStation users.

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It is worth noting that although it has already been confirmed SIFU By early 2022, the exact date is not yet known, so we will be vigilant to share any new information with you.

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