Steam Deck: Phil Spencer congratulates Valve on the laptop announcement

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Yesterday, Valve surprised the world by announcing Steam Deck, a new portable console. The devices that will bring the Steam experience to the world of hybrid devices have given a lot to talk about and have not gone unnoticed by members of the other companies. As evidence we have Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, congratulated Valve on the reveal.

Through Twitter, Phil Spencer responded to the post in which Valve announced Steam Deck and all of its features. In his words, he let us see that he’s excited about what Valve is proposing with this new device.

“That sounds really cool, congratulations to the entire team at Valve for making so many of us excited by letting us take our games wherever we want,” Spencer explained.

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Naturally, Phil Spencer is excited about Steam Deck

Phil Spencer’s enthusiasm for devices like the Steam Deck shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the manager has made it clear that his intent is to make Xbox Game Pass available on a lot of devices. This is in order to reach more subscribers.

Given that Valve wants Steam Deck to be an open platform, using Xbox Game Pass on it is not impossible. Whether through the cloud or by installing a version of Windows 10, gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy this service on Steam Deck.

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Now it remains to be seen if Spencer’s excitement translates into Microsoft working on a way to make Xbox Game Pass compatible with Steam Deck natively without having to install Windows.

What do you think of Phil Spencer’s congratulations? Do you think Xbox will benefit from having Steam to reach more users? Tell us in the comments.

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