The evolution of World War III is still alive and they show their improvements in the video

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world war 3 It is a Steam title announced two years ago by The Farm 51 studio, which will provide us a first-person shooter with a war-like setting. Although he stole several looks, he hadn’t heard of him for a long time. However, officials posted a new video as they progressed and confirmed that the project was still in progress.

This shooter was available on Steam Early Access in October 2018, and has attracted so much interest from fans of the genre that it has managed to sell more than 100,000 copies on the platform.

However, development was very slow and in 2020 it had to be stopped (it was even removed from Steam), but now there is good news for everyone interested in the game, since world war 3 He’s back with a new video showing his progress.

Here you can see it:

As you can see, The Farm 51 team has shown changes to several maps, and they promise that gunplay, or the feeling that weapons leave when used, has been improved and added more options for defeating enemies, such as drones, C4s, and grenades (blindness and poisonous). ).

In addition, vehicles will also improve in terms of their driving and participation in the game, as they can be used to crash or make them explode, and even their movement will be more convenient thanks to fast typing and the opportunity to climb or slide.

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Finally, players will have the ability to modify their devices during missions and set scenes or silencers at any time to provide a realistic simulation, all thanks to functions that improve credibility and immersion, according to the officials.

It is worth noting that it is not yet known when it will arrive world war 3 to Steam, although we will keep you posted on any news in this regard.

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