The Last of Us series will have a budget of over $10 million per chapter

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Among the small-screen video game adaptations that generate the most expectations are HBO Project and Sony Productions the last of us. We know little about the production of this project; However, thanks to the game’s success, the series is expected to have a similar impact, and information indicates that HBO and Sony will bet heavily on the project.

As we told you a few days ago, filming a series the last of us Very soon he will start in a very popular location for this type of project: Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada. According to the site, the Canadian city is excited about the new production, according to District Manager, Sue Keenan. CTV News.

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Work on photography began at the venue this week and it’s a «monster,» according to Damien Petty, president of the IATSE 212 Actors Guild. «She has 5 artistic directors and employs an army of hundreds of technicians. She’s had 6 months of preparation and 12 months of recording.»

The project leaves a very good economic leakage to the area, positively boosting local businesses affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

a series the last of us It will be one of the most expensive

Sony hasn’t shared official numbers about the shooting budget or the entire project, but Petti estimates it’s the largest project ever filmed in Canada. According to the rumors shared by Betty, the budget is in the hundreds of millions of dollars (at least 1.99 million USD); This means that it will exceed (at least) $10 million if we consider that the first season of the series will include 10 episodes: “This project is well beyond the 8-figure per episode mark,” Beattie said.

Honestly, that amount seems pretty high, but according to Betty, that’s what the rumors say, so we recommend taking it as something casual.

If this number is correct, it will be one of the most ambitious TV series. For reference, we inform you that in the beginning each chapter of Game of thrones With a budget of $5 million, each of the Mandalorians had between $5 million and $6 million, according to information from Watchman. This is it, series the last of us Each section will have a budget similar to or higher than the budget of these projects. Production with the highest budget is production the Lord of the Rings Responsible for Amazon and that will appear soon; Estimated budget is about 1 million dollars per day.

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Fort Macleod, Canada (Photo: CTV News)
Fort Macleod, Canada (Photo: CTV News)

How is a series produced? the last of us?

As you can see, the economic momentum is strong and allowed the project to move forward. As indicated in the report, one of the city’s main streets has already been converted to represent the events of the series, such as the pharmacy, which will apparently serve as a furniture store.

One of the establishments that will also appear in production is Don’s Barber Shop, an iconic barbershop in the area, as it is, without any aesthetic changes.

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Something interesting is that it has been indicated that filming for the project itself will begin later this month in Fort Macleod and that once completed, production will move to Calgary, Alberta, also in Canada, where «most of the production» will take place.

Based on this little unofficial information, Austin, Texas could be re-established at Fort MacLeod, before the Cordyceps pandemic and later in other locations, such as Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Colorado, in the other destination within Canada.

What do you think of this information? What do you think of the big bet HBO and Sony are making on this project? Tell us in the comments.

a series the last of us Filming will start very soon and what little we know is that the first season will consist of 10 episodes, and a large part of the cast has already been confirmed. If you want to get to know them all, we invite you to check out this page.

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