These versions of Lost Judgment will give you early access and different DLC content

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SEGA in State of Play surprised with a new trailer for lost judgment. If you’re excited about this sequel, you should know that pre-sales for the title started yesterday on consoles. Thanks to this, we already know the versions of the game, their content and price.

The company will offer a total of 3 different versions of the new Takayuki Yagami adventure. It is important to note that some of them will offer additional benefits, such as early access to the game and DLC whose contents are not fully detailed.

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What will be the editions lost judgment?

lost judgment It will be offered in a standard version that grants access to the game only from the day of its launch i.e. on September 24th. You can add a regular copy of the title to your collection for $59.99.

SEGA also announced the Digital Deluxe Edition, which will cost $69.99. The package will introduce the base game, which is Detective Essentials Pack, with detective-themed objects, and School Stories Expansion Pack, with news of school activities.

On the other hand, the Digital Ultimate Edition, which will include all the contents of the Digital Deluxe Edition as well as Character story expansion, with additional story content. This bundle will be offered for $89.99.

Players who pre-order any of the digital editions will get some bonus items and 3 days early access to the title. Thus, owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to play from September 21.

In this new adventure, Takayuki Yagami will have to solve a case involving a convicted police officer who reveals the location of the body of a murdered person: a man who abused his late son. The protagonist will realize that crime is beyond that, as it involves a criminal network and a corrupt system.

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lost judgment It will be released on September 24 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. At this link, you can learn more about the sequel.


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