TSM firma equipo latinoamericano de League of Legends: Wild Rift

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TSM is expanding its horizons to Latin America, as it recently announced the signing of Brazilian players to play League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The list consists of InZone (Barron’s line), Titis (Jungle), Mike (center), Petroni (ADC), Danzon (ADC), Carlito (support) and Sony (Barron’s line). Chad will be the manager while Kaisz will be the general manager. TSM has also signed with Ludisz as the content creator, Kaiba as a coach and finally Anak as an analyst.

It will interest you to know that the North American team League of Legends The organization is one of the most successful in the region. They have won the LCS title 7 times and are second in this year’s season. Now, TSM is looking to dominate the mobile version of the game.

Why the Brazilian menu?

Well, it is not surprising that the organization has put together a Brazilian team wild riftAndy Dinh said last month that TSM was looking to expand into mobile gaming in regions such as Latin America. Brazil has a large number of players on the mobile platform and Riot has started to build a large e-sports scene in the region.

Let’s remember that Riot will soon start a cycle wild rift In Brazil on July 9 and 10 to start the season. The event will feature 4 invited teams who will compete for a share of the prize pool offering just over $11,000 USD. While the guest teams haven’t been revealed yet, it’s likely TSM, especially after what was just announced today.

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