Xbox Game Pass: Little time left for these titles to play on the service

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Microsoft is already preparing to announce the next games that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, but the official list of news is still unknown. Thanks to the application of the service we can know in advance some games that will leave the platform very soon.

While the departure of titles from Xbox Game Pass is bad news, it appears that quite a few games will be released from the service later this month. At the moment, it has been confirmed that 3 games will not be available in the coming weeks.

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These 3 games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon

The confirmed list of games that will bid goodbye to Xbox Game Pass consists of 3 fun indie games. the first lurks below, an RPG by David Brevik, creator Diablo. The title joined Microsoft’s service last year, so it’s been around for a few months.

On the other hand, we have the 2019 edition of Shin’en Multimedia. refer to the tourist, an adventure title that joined Xbox Game Pass in July 2020, so it will be retired from service after just one year.

We have bad news for you if you are just starting out on your adventure undermining, a roguelike game from studio Thorium, which will be among the other titles leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of this month.

All mentioned titles will be retired from Microsoft service on July 31, so you still have a few weeks to take a look. You can also buy them at a special discount if you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Games released on July 31:

  • lurks below
  • the tourist
  • undermining

Keep in mind that several games have already been confirmed for the service and will arrive little by little in the coming months. Additionally, Microsoft revealed that it will boost Xbox Game Pass with at least one first-party game every 3 months.

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