The classic Latin American Simpsons voices will return to the series

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It took 16 years for Disney to buy Fox, make it a star and the subsequent restructuring so that its fans could The Simpsons In Latin America, you will hear one of the hottest news of the animated series in recent times. No, we’re not talking about what you already know, in short Tayeb, Bart and Loki Which premiered on Disney+, but upon returning to the series.

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Humberto Vélez and his companions will be back again The Simpsons

After the pleasant surprise after hearing once again Humberto Vélez as Homero Simpson, Claudia Motta as Bart Simpson and Patricia Acevedo as Lisa Simpson, it’s time to draw the air to scream once again with emotion because these dubbing actors, along with others from these classic seasons, are back to the series. According to the information received from Tomatoes, original sounds for The Simpsons In Latin Spanish, they will return as recorded in a Twitter account post, which had access to episode 9 of season 32 available on Disney+ Spain.

There, it was finally revealed Humberto Vélez, Claudia Motta and Patricia Acevedo will be returning to the series, something that hasn’t been officially considered yet, but that really does give something to talk about as it’s one of the most anticipated returns for the fan community. In this sense, this season 32 of . must be taken into account The Simpsons It ended last May in the US, there are hardly nine dubbed chapters, and it’s already available in some markets, but not yet in Mexico.

After 16 years, the classic voice of Homer Simpson is back

Likewise, Humberto Vélez is said to have returned to the dubbing trend of The Simpsons In Latin Spanish, where it takes again after 16 years of conflict between Grabaciones y Doblajes Internacionales and the National Association of Actors (ANDA) means the departure of the dubbing actors who became one with the characters for many years and who were a blow to the series’ fan community in Mexico and Latin America.

So far, we have to take this information informally into account, as Disney hasn’t confirmed the return, but users of the Disney+ service, or in this case Star+, have been a step forward noticing this detail that’s already starting to evoke nostalgia and generate nostalgia. .

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